Shipping Costs, Delivery and Returns

Prices, shipping costs and supplier’s formations:

The prices quoted on the product sides contain the legal value added tax and other prize components.

Deliveries within Germany are free.

We deliver to the following countries within the EU:

Zone 1: Belgium, Denmark (not included: Greenland and Faroes islands), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary

Zone 2: Estonia, France, Great Britain (not included the Channel Islands), Italy (not included Livigno), Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Portugal, Sweden, Spain (not included Canary islands and Ceuta + Melilla)

We will charge the shipping costs by deliveries abroad. You clearly get informed about the shipping costs in your shopping cart after a successful Login and later again on the order side.

Please, note that your order is dispatched only after the receipt of the payment or after confirmation by the online payment service PayPal. Also note that in some cases the transfer of your bank can have a delay from up to 3 working days.

Orders may only be placed for normal household volumes.


You can send back your orded goods from our BEAR TRACK CANADA onlineshop within the legal rights of withdrawl to:

Sportimpex Leinert GmbH
Gewerbestr. 8
D-89542 Herbrechtingen